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UHNW Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting & Strategy

In pursuit of the UHNWI, it is the continuous fusion of online and offline endeavours that ignites and amplifies your brand's presence within this paramount realm of luxury and affluence.

Our unparalleled influence spans across the VHNW and UHNW echelons globally, seamlessly connecting with the most distinguished communities.

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PR & Advertising Strategy

Immersed in the HNW and UHNW lifestyle, we possess an intimate understanding of the intricacies required to captivate this exceptionally discerning clientele.

Our collaborative strategy transcends the digital realm, honing in on actively engaging HNW and UHNW clients through our distinctive holistic approach.

Initiate a conversation with us today, and embark on a bespoke journey as we craft an exclusive HNW and UHNW engagement plan tailored specifically for you.

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AI Luxury Virtual Influencers

Club 98000 continues to be a trailblazers in innovative marketing strategies, proudly introducing Artificial Intelligence Influencers, solidifying our commitment to staying at the forefront of the market. 

Luxury brands stand to gain unprecedented advantages by embracing and incorporating AI virtual influencers into their marketing repertoire. These digital personas not only exude an aura of exclusivity and sophistication but also offer a level of customization and control that traditional influencers may lack. The ability to finely tune the personality, aesthetic, and messaging of an AI virtual influencer ensures a seamless alignment with the brand's identity, captivating the target audience with unparalleled precision.

Furthermore, AI virtual influencers operate tirelessly, unbound by the constraints of time zones or physical limitations. This perpetual online presence guarantees a consistent and global reach, a crucial element for luxury brands aspiring to maintain a ubiquitous and influential stance in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Club 98000 specializes in orchestrating this synthesis of technology and luxury branding, providing our clients with an innovative edge in the competitive market

Private Events

Comprehending the intricacies of your strategy and transforming it into an unparalleled and unforgettable experience is the hallmark of our bespoke service for discerning clients.

Whether orchestrating exquisite fine jewelry showings, curating couture events, or managing sophisticated investor and funding gatherings, our agency collaborates with you to ensure impactful results resonate seamlessly across the VHNW, UHNW, and Wealth Management communities globally.


With meticulous attention to detail, we elevate your brand's narrative, creating exclusive and tailored events that leave an indelible impression on the world's most elite audiences.

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